In-Ground Automatic Irrigation Systems

Water! An essential element for life. Automatic underground irrigation systems quietly and efficiently manage the task to apply the proper amount of water evenly throughout the yard and landscape. Conserving water is an important benefit of a sophisticated irrigation system. EarthWorks irrigation systems are installed using the highest quality materials and are equipped with rain sensors which detect precipitation to automatically shut off the system when it's raining. An EarthWorks professionally installed automatic irrigation system can increase your property value, protect your investment in landscaping, trees, shrubs and lawn. An efficient irrigation system will save you money on your water bill and save you time of manually watering your lawn and landscaping with hoses. Our high level of expertise and skills will affect your system's efficiency and reliability. In fact, how your irrigation system is designed and installed will make the difference between a system that continues to keep your lawn healthy and green, and one that creates problems by wasting water and leaving your lawn unhealthy and brown. EarthWorks professional, registered, licensed, experienced irrigation and plumbing technicians will work with you to design the network of sprinkler heads and spray patterns to most efficiently cover the areas you want watered. With a professionally installed EarthWorks Irrigation System, you have the luxurious, vibrant landscape and dense carpet of green lawn that you have always dreamed of.
  • EarthWorks will design the most cost effective and energy efficient system possible to meet your landscape's needs
  • EarthWorks will analyze and build a system based on your water supply and pressure, meter size, soil type, landscape plants, weather conditions, lawn shape and size
  • EarthWorks will install backflow preventers to protect your drinking water
  • EarthWorks will highly recommend the installation of a separate water meter to measure irrigation flow only, which is not subject to sewer charges, thus dramatically reducing your water bill
  • EarthWorks will set the system's controller for your individual watering schedule and work closely with you to explain its simple operation. All you have to do is sit back and let the system do all the work. If you want the watering schedule adjusted we'll train you how to do it yourself
  • EarthWorks will be there to design and adjust your system if you decide to make any landscape changes or do home construction
  • EarthWorks will trouble shoot any system problem for you, protect your system from freeze damage, fine-tune the system for mid-summer heat, turn your system off in the fall and start it again in the spring. Any answers or solutions to solve questions or problems that might arise are only a phone call away.
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